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Richmond Sesquicentennial Time Capsule
Richmond Sesquicentennial Time Capsule

The public is invited to submit notes/letters, relics and memorabilia for the Richmond Sesquicentennial Emancipation Time Capsule beginning April 4, 2015.

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Library Board Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2015
PRESENT:                 Brenda Drew, Kirsta Millar, Larry Olanrewaju, David Lydiard, Gail Zwirner, Danita Green, Peter Blake, Daisy Weaver
LIBRARY STAFF:       Harriet Coalter, Clay Dishon, Felicia Smith, Karin Hansen, Cristina Ramirez, Barbara Booth, Tara Franzetti, Lisa Crisman, John Sarvay (Floricane)
ABSENT:                    Benjamin Lambert; Leighton Powell, Friends; Laura Drewry, City Attorney
Called to order by Brenda Drew, Chair at 12:11 p.m.
Minutes from the December 3, 2014 meeting along with the current agenda and pending donation list were unanimously approved.

Public Comment Period

None were present.


Friends of the Library

Ms. Powell:  No report.

Library Foundation

Ms. Hansen reported: she continues to work with local businesses and organizations seeking grants and donations. The Foundation will be hosting an evening social at the Main Library on Friday, February 6th for all 3 boards. 



Ms. Coalter reported: a public hearing on Children’s Internet Protection Act Compliance will be held during February’s board meeting.

Ms. Green volunteered to attend FOIA training offered by the City Clerk’s office in February.

A resolution will be submitted to City Council to recognize National Library Week at the April 13th City Council meeting.  The meeting will be held at 6pm.  Ms. Drew recommended all Board members attend to show their support.

Longwood University has agreed to take the Kaminsky music collection from the Library.

A ground breaking ceremony will be held on Saturday, February 7th at 3pm for the Westover Hills Rain Garden project.



Ms. Drew reported: Ms. Coalter has officially informed the Board that she will retire effective September 1, 2015.  Her last day of work will be August 21st or 25th.  Ms. Drew has appointed the following 10 individuals to serve as the search committee: succession committee members (Danita Green, David Lydiard, and Brenda Drew); 1 library staff member (TBD); 2 community members (TBD); VCU Library Director (John Ulmschneider); Friends member (Leighton Powell); Foundation member (Marshall Pearsall) and HR representative (Anisha Trice). If you have any suggestions for community members (regular everyday patrons) inform Ms. Drew.

Notes should be taken of Board Committee meetings and then added to the official record. 


Ms. Olanrewaju reported: After reviewing the recruitment budget for the Library Director, the committee recommends removing Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post from the list of places to advertise due to cost.  Mr. Lydiard will find out if the Wall Street Journal has a cheaper online alternative.  It was suggested to add Urban Libraries Council, Richmond Free Press, Times Dispatch and ALA ethnic affiliates to the list of places to advertise. Funds to cover recruitment costs will come out of the Security operating budget.


Ms. Zwirner: distributed and reviewed updates on various projects as well as job descriptions for a Digital/Computer Librarian position.  Architects would like to expand the computer area during Ginter Park’s renovation.  Different exterior signage is being explored as well.  Emergency Operations has expressed interest in using grant funds to complete the 2nd street railing. Ms. Drew gave Ms. Zwirner permission to continue to pursue this project; it concerns the Board as a safety issue. The final decision on how grant funds are used must come from Capital Projects and Emergency Management.

The roof renovation at Main will be completed by February 6th.

The committee will continue to follow up on the lease issue with the Main Library.

Governmental & Community Relations

Mr. Blake reported: No report.

Succession Planning

Mr. Lydiard: distributed the budget and notes from the succession committee meeting held on January 22, 2015.  The timeline was reviewed; keep in mind that is tentative.  Once the job posting/ad is finalized it will distributed to Board members for review. Ms. Drew reviewed the process for recruitment.  After all applications have been screened the Board will meet to discuss. A Board meeting will be scheduled for early April at the request of Mr. Blake.  Mr. Olanrewaju recommended the search committee use a rubric to evaluate each candidate. When it is down to 3 candidates the applicants will be informed that this information will be made public.

Strategic Planning

Ms. Millar reported: the committee will meet soon to draft a timeline for revising the strategic plan. If anyone would like to assist inform Ms. Millar.

Neighborhood Assessment & Planning

Ms. Weaver reported: she will work with Ms. Millar on the strategic plan.  Ms. Weaver met with the branch manager from North Avenue and plans to meet with the other branches managers as well.


Floricane Final Report

John Sarvay distributed and reviewed the final report from the Neighborhood Assessments completed by Floricane. Once the community conversation from Belmont is added to the report it will be re-distributed.  This report will also be shared with the Friends of the Library and the Foundation.  It was suggested to add the report to the Library’s website.  The next step will be to clearly define the purpose of the Library and how it relates to economic development. It may be helpful to use comparable cities as a comparison.

Mr. Sarvay will be available to discuss strategic planning with Ms. Millar and Ms. Weaver.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1:40 p.m.
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at 12:00 p.m. at the Main Library.
Recorder:          Felicia M. Smith                                                     Approved:       Ms. Brenda Drew, Chair (February 25, 2015)